Legal expenses insurance in the test: Which legal protection is the best?

Legal expenses insurance not only protects against high legal fees. Since legal disputes about the insurance are financially secured, legal protection also helps insured persons to enforce their rights more easily. There is a good legal protection insurance from 250 euros per year. Which tariffs are recommendable, current comparisons show as the test of Handelsblatt.

Legal expenses insurance: Which current test winners are there for 2018?

In the legal expenses insurance, interested parties put together their legal protection individually and decide for themselves, for which areas of life they want to be protected. A common combination is the interaction of private, traffic, rental and professional protection . This mix protects the insurance in many situations. Which provider has the best value for money , was the Handelsblatt in March 2018 by the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg examine. The test took into account both singles and family offers.

Several legal expenses insurance companies compare with a very good rating. In both categories, the insurer WGV takes the top spot with the “Optimal” tariff. Singles pay around € 265 per year, families € 304. Somewhat cheaper is the offer “carefree for private customers” of Concordia, which also achieved a very good overall result. Here are the annual costs for the services of the insurance at 258 euros for both groups.

A total of seven family legal expenses insurance convince in the test with a very good rating. For singles, there are eight offers that offer the best mix of price and performance.

The test winners at a glance:

✓ WGV “Optimal”
✓ Concordia “Carefree for private customers”
✓ ARAG “Active legal protection comfort”
✓ Auxilia “Legal protection including motorist protection eV Automobilclub”
✓ Degenia “Premium T17”
✓ Old Leipzig “comfort including extended services”
✓ Ideal ” Legal Protection Including Premium Plus” (only singles)
✓ Allright “legal protection” (singles only)
✓ DMB “Prestige” (families only)

For single persons the top legal expenses insurance costs between 258 euro and 338 euro in the year. If the legal protection for several persons to seize, the price range extends to 379 euro.

Tip: Even if the comprehensive protection of legal expenses insurance is relatively cheap, interested should not only pay attention to the price . Above all, it is important that the benefits fit the policyholder. With a non-binding tariff comparison, the costs and the performance level of many different offers can be compared simply and easily.

54 Legal expenses insurance tested by Stiftung Warentest

While in the test of the Handelsblatt many legal expenses insurance perform very well, awards the Stiftung Warentest in their comparison of any of the 54 audited rates a top rating. The consumer organization examined in the summer of 2017 which insurers offer the best services for families in the areas of private, professional and traffic protection. The insurance conditions accounted for 90 percent of the overall result. Ten percent accounted for how understandable these conditions are for laymen. Thus, the rating focuses on the benefits and leaves out the insurance costs.

For its test, the Stiftung Warentest determined a minimum level of protection that all legal expenses insurance companies must have. This consists of:

  • Consulting law protection in inheritance and family law
  • Legal protection (also out of court) in contract and property law
  • Misdemeanor law enforcement
  • Worldwide coverage for damages
  • criminal Law protection
  • Tax legal protection before courts
  • Disciplinary and civil rights protection
  • Administrative law protection in matters of public transport
  • Labor rights protection
  • Social court protection

14 Legal expenses insurance is good from the perspective of the testers . Twelve tariffs, on the other hand, do not go beyond a sufficient rating. Two offers are even poor.

The top 4 is composed of:

insurance collective name final grade
alliance “Best” Good (1,6)
DAS / ERGO “Premium” Good (1,6)
WGV “Optimal” Good (1.7)
Advocard “360 ° Private” Good (1.7)

Image result for legal

Legal expenses insurance: New test winner of Focus-Money

Whether with the neighbor or boss – an argument can quickly end up in court

70 percent performance, 30 percent annual fee – This is how the evaluation of Focus-Money’s investigation, which was carried out by the business magazine in the summer of 2017 by Franke and Bornberg. In contrast to Stiftung Warentest, the examined legal expenses insurances also provide for legal disputes in the field of housing.

31 vendors were felt on the tooth. About one third of these can be very satisfied with the overall result. Because singles have the choice between twelve tariffs with very good protection. For families, in addition to eleven very good offers, the legal protection insurance “Carefree” by Concordia is recommended. It is the only insurance company to achieve an outstanding result for this group.

Among the top legal expenses insurance include:

✓ Concordia “Carefree”
✓ ARAG “Active legal protection comfort”
✓ Auxilia “Legal protection including motorist protection eV Automobilclub”
✓ DMB legal protection “Prestige”
✓ Roland “Legal Protection”

According to the comparison, the test winners cost at least 250 euros a year. But it can also be much more. Over 375 euros a year are due for the most expensive very good legal expenses insurance, families even pay more than 400 euros . It therefore makes sense to quickly and easily check which insurance companies offer an optimal mix of price and performance before concluding a contract using a tariff calculator.


A legal expenses insurance makes sense, so you can argue in an emergency with a financially strong opponent at eye level. For owners of occupational disability insurance, legal protection is highly recommended. There are regular disputes because occupational disability insurers refuse to pay the pension.

Customer Experience: How Insureds Evaluate Their Legal Protection Insurance

In addition to objective criteria such as benefits and costs, legal expenses insurers can also be compared on the basis of their customer ratings. Many people who are looking for an appropriate legal protection often rely on their experiences from the circle of friends and acquaintances . As a result, the Service Value analysis institute evaluated just under 2,000 insured opinions in March 2018 and examined which insurers enjoy the greatest trust. The customers rated the areas

  • Product quality,
  • Price-performance ratio,
  • Customer service and
  • Customer care.

Six of the 20 insurance companies tested offer very good customer orientation from the point of view of their insured. These are:

Advocard Very good
alliance Very good
Concordia Very good
ADAC legal protection Very good
The continental Very good
DEVK Very good

Compare offers and find personal test winner

The test of Service Value and the other investigations give those interested a first orientation as to which legal expenses insurance is recommended. However, the comparisons have one drawback : one’s own wishes for the insurance can be different from those that were examined in the analyzes. Not every test winner is therefore the best choice.

In addition, the tests show that the price range for legal expenses insurance is very high . Those who compare in advance can not only save a lot of money, but also find insurance with a high level of performance. Our rate calculator shows those interested quickly and easily the scope of many different insurers and at the same time allows a non-binding price comparison.

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